What the weight limit for the Suzak Chair?

We have tested the Suzak with a lot of weight but we draw the limit in 260 pounds.


Is the Suzak Sunproof and waterproof?

The Suzak is great for use in balconies, patios and other outdoor areas but it is made of fabric, so if you just leave it outside exposed to the elements they will take its toll on the cover. If you take it to the beach sand and salt will also damage your Suzak. We recomend if you are going to use the Suzak for an outdoor area to machine wash the cover at least every 6 months. If you take care of the Suzak it can last for many years. 


Is the Suzak made for jumping around?

The Suzak is a chair for one user, nothing more, nothing less. If we show some playful activities is to showcase the resistance of the frame and the cover. We do not recoment using the Suzak for any other activity other that to relax.


How do I wash the Suzak?

You can wash the cover with a damp cloth but if you really want a deep cleanse you can remove the cover and trow it in the washer. Use cold water and air-dry inside.

What do you recommend: Large or medium?

It really depends on the context. ifyou want a more intimate, relaxing experience and you have the space the large Suzak is for you, but if you want a more social and space is limited chair the medium Suzak is for you. Both chairs are awesome but keep in mind the measurements before a purchase.